Selling Businesses

Sell Your Business With Confidence

Hire A Corporate Transactional Law Attorney In New York, NY

Is it the right time to sell your business? Hire James J. D’Esposito to help you with corporate transactional law. Attorney Jim can make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. He can work with you and a buyer to create a transition plan, negotiate an acquisition agreement, and manage other legal requirements. After filing is complete, you’ll be able to step away from the company.

If you need help selling a business in the New York, NY region, go with Jim D’Esposito for assistance.

Understand the details of selling a company

Leaving a business is not always cut and dry. Many decisions are made and much legal paperwork is filed in order to make the deal final. To sell your stake in a business, you’ll need to:

  • Decide who will purchase your part of the business
  • Determine timeframe for your exit from the business
  • Negotiate an acquisition agreement

Corporate transactional law can be a complex area of the legal world, but James J. D’Esposito can walk you through the details. Speak with him today to learn more about selling your business.