Start Your Business Off On the Right Foot

Starting a new business can be both exciting and stressful. If you have an experienced business formation lawyer on your side, however, the process can be much easier. Jim can help you with:

  • Entity Selection – determine whether to form an entity and, if so, what type and where
  • Tax Consequences – select the best tax structure for your business
  • Entity Formation – form your business quickly, effectively, and at a reasonable cost
  • Organize your business – establish the management and ownership structure of your business, including all agreements among fellow owners
  • Business Licenses – obtain all necessary governmental licenses to operate your business
  • Facilities and Equipment – negotiate leases or purchases of office and other space and fixtures and equipment to operate your business
  • Financing – obtain bank or other financing or investment capital to start your business
  • Employees and Consultants – retain and incentivize people to help you run your business

Run Your Business Efficiently

Businesses face challenges throughout their existence. James J. D’Esposito has more than four decades of experience helping businesses face those challenges. Jim can help you run your business in an efficient manner, including:

  • Purchase additional equipment and open more locations – negotiate leases or purchases of additional office and other space and fixtures and equipment to expand your business
  • Obtain expansion capital from existing owners – utilize capital call provisions or amend existing organizational documents to raise funds from existing owners
  • Obtain bank financing – obtain additional or new bank loans to fund business expansion
  • Raise capital from investors – issue debt or equity securities in private or public offerings to raise expansion capital

Workout or Restructuring

If your business is struggling, Jim can help you renegotiate business obligations to give you a chance to turn things around:

  • Forbearance agreement – obtain a creditor’s agreement to defer taking action for a period of time so that the business might recover
  • Workout agreement – renegotiate debt or other obligations to reduce payments or debt in exchange for additional collateral or restrictions on business activities
  • Restructuring – amend the company’s equity and debt structure to improve its balance sheet, reduce payment obligations, and position it for success


Jim can help when it’s time to dissolve and wind up your business:

  • Plan of dissolution – provide for satisfaction of business creditors and distribution of remaining assets to the owners
  • Winding up – ensure compliance with the terms of the plan of dissolution, including the logistics of selling or transferring assets
  • Termination – terminate the legal existence of the company by appropriate statutory filings


Starting and running a business can be tough, but James J. D’Esposito is dedicated to your success. No matter how complex your situation, attorney D’Esposito is available to serve as your business lawyer.

Reach out to attorney D’Esposito now to discuss the details of your business plans.