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How James Can Help

Most Lawyers list the services they provide, but James focuses on you, the client, and wants you to know exactly how he can help.

About James and His Philosophy

Jim isn’t like many business lawyers. He has helped clients for 40 years in a number of settings, giving him breadth and depth of experience. James offers solutions tailored to a client’s particular situation both because he likely has seen it before and he is a quick study who is comfortable with novel situations.

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James J. D’Esposito helps small and medium-sized companies and individuals realize their business goals. He works together with clients to develop plans tailored specifically for their situations. Jim is dedicated to helping people and earning their trust and respect. Jim’s core principles:

  1. Listen – You can’t help someone unless you know what they want.
  2. Advise – Provide options and recommendations as to how to achieve their goals.
  3. Respect – Follow clients’ decisions on how to proceed. It’s their business, not Jim’s, and he won’t substitute his judgment for theirs.
  4. Communicate – Speak with clients frequently so Jim and his clients know what’s happening and can adapt to changing circumstances.

Jim helps companies in all stages – starting a business, conducting day-to-day operations, expanding the business, restructuring a struggling business, buying or selling a business or transferring it to family members or employees, and winding up and liquidating a business. He has helped companies in diverse fields including, among many others, real estate, technology, hedge funds, private equity funds, and other investment funds, securities firms, retailers, and professional practices. Jim also represents non-profit organizations as well as sole proprietorships and virtually any form of for-profit entity, including LLCs, corporations, limited and general partnerships and joint ventures, benefit corporations, and business trusts.

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